December 12, 2014

Coveted Creators,

Inspiration! What a gorgeous thing! Nothing gets me inspired that a brilliant movie. In fact, I’m so taken with brilliant movies and this recent experience that I’m going to post the list of movies that have gotten my creative or contemplative juices flowing.

Movies are perhaps the most powerful storytelling in our culture today. (The energy of collaboration compounds that of the written word). For the receiver, seeing the movie in the theatre takes that energy and slaps you in the face. I often cry during the trailers now, they have perfected the art so. I went yesterday to see Interstellar, knowing nothing about the film but that it had power, from the preview which I had teared up months before. And I knew it was about space – I’m enamored with space.

Holy story, Batman! It was a powerful film, indeed, and just like with Titanic and Avatar, I will be watching that one, most likely in the theatre, twice more. There’s certainly more to catch, and I want the experience again and again. Isn’t that glorious, that we have that ability with movies?


The film explores relativity and touches on the fifth dimension. But the drama that most excited me was the underlying message that the saviors of the human race, the elusive “they” who had carved a path for the current generation was human, simply evolved to an era where they could manipulate time and space in five dimensions. Wowza!

So I walked out of the theatre grinning like a cheeseball and used the bathroom. The automatic dryer, the one with extra force started up to my right before I could get soap and water flowing from the automatic taps. What technology! My phone beeped and I stared in wonder at this small machine, goodness, how far we have come with these smart phones! I had a mission to pick up my flattie from the airport and so I rushed outside – the outside world! Earth with its wheels turning! The men in the restaurant, prepping for the dinner hour, watching me walk by through the window, who is that girl with such a cheeseball grin? How many times do we see people that we’ll never see again? Not as often as we’d think. They are energy and so are we, and energy occupies the same space more frequently than we’re aware.

I stepped into the parking garage and headed for the green Suburu Outback (these cars are tokens of Asheville). It’s my flatties’ car and I hit the unlock button on the fob. But the lights that flashed were on the same car to the right of where I was heading, the 2015 model that I had been driving. It was a laughable situation, that I hadn’t recognized the car I had come to the theatre in. but for me it was a powerful metaphor. I had been walking in the past, recognizing a car that was new maybe ten years ago, popular when I last lived in Asheville, but now I am driving a car from the future! A car that has a USB plug and a screen that tracks gas mileage and flashes a warning about inclement weather! A car that has a sun and moon roof combined! I was delighted to think that this model is from the future, year 2015, which hasn’t come around yet. The car symbolized my transition in space and time, my return to Asheville where I will focus once again on matters spiritual and aware. What green Suburu Outback should be parked in the empty space to the right? A 2030 model? A self-driving machine with manual settings such as the spaceship in the movie, that still allows for our autonomy?

I feel like I must’ve seen this analogy demonstrated before, but the explanation of three-dimensional space travel was a good one in the movie – point A to point B in a linear fashion represented by pencil lines, but fold the paper and poke a hole through it and wala! You’re there! This is how my life feels. This is how my intuition, my dreams, my creativity travels, my knowing that we are more than our technology and existing beyond our chosen time and space.

Well done, Christopher and Jonathan Nolan for your storytelling with Interstellar. You’ve chosen a medium that will affect many, perhaps millions. How many will fold a piece of paper and wonder about space travel? How many will start to realize that they are the gods of their own lives? We are creators! Not just the moviemakers, but all of us. We are creating ALL THE TIME.

I got home and wanted nothing more than to put on my Spotify playlist “We Are Creators” and make split pea soup. Fresh bread, I want fresh bread for the meal! So my flatmate and I looked up a recipe and I plunged into it, nurturing the yeast with heat and sugars, giving it a warm environment to rise on a cold day, and then it bloomed, golden brown with perfect taut edge to tantalize teeth as they bite. I was creating – food, warmth, joy, high-vibrations in that little kitchen. We are creators. We are creating ALL THE TIME.

May you go forth, aware in your power and creation, epic as the forces that govern the stars!




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